Friday, March 23, 2012

How not to buy a database (or anything else for that matter!)

Whilst I was preparing recently for a training course I am planning, I came across a couple of videos which I thought gave a neat, humorous insight into what you shouldn’t do when buying a new database (or any other aspect of IT) - but without always using IT to prove my point!


1) What if there were no stop signs and a major corporation was charged with inventing one?
This shows so many things we should consider - How do we define something where we think we know what we want but where we have to tell someone else who doesn't know what we want, what we want... How not to change your mind half way through a project, how not to over-complicate it. Are we re-inventing the wheel?! Oh, and many more...

2) Cartman and South Park conduct a website review meeting
It doesn't have to be a website, but this is. But it has the same message for a database. Think before you start!

Anyone else got any other videos along these lines which you would recommend?

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