Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Possible suppliers of Generic CRM Systems for Charities and NFPs

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This is the fifth post in my series on The Impact of Generic CRM Systems on the Fundraising Database Market.

To finish off this short series on the new, generic CRM systems, below is a list of possible suppliers and companies who you could approach for more information.

It only lists suppliers who have got systems and ‘templates’ specifically set-up for UK charities and the NFP sector. But I list on my website plenty more companies who can help you build a system from the vanilla versions and who have experience of working in the NFP sector. This list is at CRM Software For Charities.

Microsoft CRM Dynamics


If you know of any others then do let me know.

Convio and Blackbaud:  Having written this series of articles, I was then as surprised as most people to read the news that Blackbaud had bought Convio. It is too early to tell what this will mean to the UK market (and the US market too, of course) for fundraising and CRM database solutions and at the time of writing we don't know whether Convio UK will therefore be developing their Salesforce-based solutions any further for the UK market.

For now, my only advice is: watch this space!!

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