Thursday, January 05, 2012

Could your new database replace multiple existing databases in your organisation?

If you are considering procuring a new database but you know that you currently have multiple databases within your organisation, then this may be a great opportunity to see if you can merge all or at least some of those multiple databases into one, new system. (And if you don’t know whether other teams or departments in your organisation use other databases then ask if they do – they almost certainly will!).

Why do this? Well, the following benefits are just a few examples which might be appropriate to consider if you do have multiple databases and thus potentially have the same supporters on more than one system:
  • Better Supporter Care: e.g. knowing that someone has run the marathon and also donates £5 a month; ensuring a supporter’s address is up-to-date; only sending them information on what they are interested in.
  • Improved Efficiency: a simpler (technical) approach; improved data integrity, data accuracy, data consistency and data updates; and possibly saving costs (although that can depend on anything from software licenses to HR requirements).
  • Maximising Marketing & Fundraising Opportunities: better marketing/targeting/data mining/predictive modelling; cross-marketing; the ability to raise higher income and higher average donations through improved knowledge; increased donor retention. And preventing multiple approaches -  the last thing you want is for that prospect you are after for £50,000 to be asked for £10 in another mailing at the same time.
  • Support your Central Communication/Fundraising Strategy: no doubt a single system/view does this best.
  • Help comply with data protection: no more issues with having to update multiple databases when people move address, opt-out of mailings, tell you that someone has died.
There are plenty of technical and business/organisational challenges if you do go down the route of a single database but the benefits can be huge.

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