Monday, January 20, 2014

No More Chinese Walls

Great Wall 
Sometimes, users will tell me, "I'm happy for my contacts' records to be held on the database, but I don't want anyone else to see them. At all." Which rather makes my heart sink - as this almost completely defeats the object of having the records on the database in the first place. It’s a scenario known as a "Chinese Wall":  And I don't want to have to climb it.

To clarify, a Chinese Wall means that if, say, the Celebrity department are managing Richard Branson, and thus they obviously need to access his supporter record on the database, if the Community Fundraising team were to search for Richard Branson then they wouldn't even see that his record was on the database at all. Period. To them, he doesn't exist on the system full stop.

The problem with this is several-fold

These are just some of the issues with this:
  • First, if the Community Fundraising team do have a genuine reason to need to view/add data about Richard Branson, then if they don't know he already has a record on the database then they will add a new one - a duplicate record.
  • Secondly, both teams, including the Celebrity department, will be none the wiser that the other team has or is building a relationship with the charity. This can clearly lead to all sorts of problems, from multiple communications, multiple asks, embarrassment, DP issues and so on.
  • What if the Corporate team then look at the Virgin Group's record. Are they allowed to see that Richard Branson is the Founder of Virgin? One would presume so. But if they then try to click-through to his record, they'll find they can't. Is that a good thing? So will they keep information on Branson on some other part of the Virgin record?
  • What is Mr Branson phoned Supporter Care for some reason, and they couldn't see his record or his interaction & involvement with the charity? And yes, okay, I realise that specific scenario is unlikely but other VIPs etc might well do.
  • Or what if someone else in the charity is going to meet his spouse, who may not be managed by the Celebrity department? Are they allowed to see Richard Branson is married to her? Surely yes; but then… [return to above…]
I know some teams who "own" records like this say, Oh, well, all the other users have to do if they come across Branson is come and talk to us. But that of course presumes everyone else knows Branson already has a relationship with the charity, that they will do that, that they can be bothered to do that, that someone in the Celebrity team is available to talk… And okay, Richard Branson may be a well-known person in the charity, but what about the other celebrities/VIPs who are not? And if a Chinese Wall stretches to cover us more common folk then this doesn't even bear thinking about.

So what to do instead

When this request does happen, I try to dig further to see what the user really means, and usually it is one of the following points:
  • I don't want other users to contact my records; and/or:
  • I don’t want other users to see sensitive information about my contacts.
Both are potentially reasonable requests, but in both instances there are better ways to address the issue than just completely blocking access. I say "potentially" because the first point above, that you don't want someone else to contact your records, is something I bang on about a lot. Firstly, they are not "your" records - see my other blog on that - and secondly, if everyone in the charity does agree that you are the best relationship manager for such contacts then that still doesn’t mean that you should blanket stop other people from seeing such records.

Instead, for both instances, the first thing that can be done is that the record can be flagged as such, with whatever appropriate code/wording which will help everyone in the charity understand the relationship. And ensure processes are in place to manage that.

Secondly, protecting sensitive information such as Richard Branson's giving history or personal phone number, is clearly an important point, but what the database should do is still give limited access to such contacts' records so that other people can see they do exist on the database and understand the relationship, and simply block the sensitive information so that only those users who should be able to see it can see it. That's a far more effective and open approach.

This is my belief anyway.

The only walls I want to see on a fundraising database are Kim Wall, Roger Water's Wall, Max Wall, Wall's Ice Cream… [that's enough Walls - Ed].

But no Chinese Walls thank you.

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