Friday, August 10, 2012

The Impact of the New CRM Systems for Fundraising Database Solutions: Free eBook

Earlier this year, I wrote a short series of posts about the impact that the New CRM Systems are having on the Fundraising Database Market (i.e. Salesforce, Microsoft CRM Dynamics et al). I have now compiled those posts into a free, downloadable eBook which brings all the information into one easy-to-read document.

You can download a PDF copy from here.

The book covers:

  1. An overview on where we are now with such systems;
  2. What are the potential benefits of the systems;
  3. A guide to the different ways in which you can implement the systems;
  4. How do costs and implementation timescales compare with dedicated fundraising databases?
  5. What you should specifically consider if you are considering buying such a system.

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