Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How technology can be at the heart of supporter care

There has always been a synergy between databases/technology and supporter care, but it seems to me that this has become a particularly hot topic for charities. Charities are realising that not only do they need to be efficient but they also need to show they are being so, to compare their policies against best practice and to give supporters the best customer support possible. And surely technology and databases can and should help with this; whether it is something as basic but as important as receiving and processing donations, right through to using supporter feedback to really drive your future fundraising strategy and operations.

So it is poignant that the Institute of Fundraising Technology Group are incorporating a dedicated 'Operations' stream in their forthcoming conference on May 13th this year. (I feel at this point that I should declare an interest and say that I am on the Technology Group committee, but as we are a non-profit making group and my interest is purely to raise interest so we can help more charities, then I feel it's okay to be blogging about this!) We actually held an evening seminar last year on outsourcing and data processing and sold out the event, so we know how just how important people consider the subject.

The conference is therefore going to have individuals from Unicef discussing 'The journey to transform our supporter service from efficient processing to successful soft sell Supporter Service Centre', Age UK talking about 'Using supporter and client feedback to inform Charity strategy', and Kings College London reflecting on 'How is operational support enabling successful fundraising?'; plus sessions on ensuring your online donations are 3D secure, integrating and automating online giving and more.

So if this is of interest to you then come along. The whole day is a chance to network with like-minded colleagues from other charities and you even get a free wine reception in the evening!

Visit the IOF Technology SIG web site for all the info and I’ll see you there!

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Kimberly said...

I'll be there - looking forward to it Ivan!